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"Noche de Milonga ~ November 8, December 13 9-11pm~ Practice Argentine Tango~ Formal or Tango attire~free to join~everyone welcome! 

 "5 à 7 Francophone French  Connection" ~  10 Nov, 8 Dec, 14 Jan, 9 Fev, 9 Mar, 13 Avr, 11 Mai, 8 Juin





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About us

Tango nuevo Tapas & Wine

Locally Owned

We've traveled the world & enjoyed many wonderful meals in many places. Our conclusion: the best meals are prepared with the freshest, local products. We live in Kingston & are raising our family here. We support our local farmers & want to provide the best dining experience for our guests. Prepared with locally grown, seasonal fruits & vegetables and locally produced meats & artisan cheeses, our menu is a blend of local flavours & international recipes. Our unique, delicious cuisine, complemented by carefully selected Canadian & local Prince Edward County wines, reflects our love of excellent food, exceptional wine & our appreciation of our community. We hope you love Tango Nuevo as much as we do.


Although there are many historical explanations for the word, our favourite origin story is that the first tapas were the slices of bread or salty meat which sherry drinkers in Spanish taverns used to cover their glasses between sips; that the word "tapas" is derived from the Spanish verb tapar, meaning "to cover". Since then, Spanish tapas has evolved to incorporate ingredients and influences from many different cultures and countries. These days, the serving of tapas is designed to encourage conversation because people are not so focused upon eating an entire meal that is set before them. In fact, socializing over tapas is so much a part of the Spanish culture and social scene that the Spanish people invented the verb tapear which means "to go out and eat tapas!"



Wines & Cocktails

The natural companion for tapas is wine. Tango Nuevo's wine guru Joel has assembled an impressive list of reds, whites, rosé and sparkling wines that will appeal to the casual sipper and the discerning connisseur. With selections from local Prince Edward County and international wineries, there is something for everyone.

Tango Nuevo also offers a broad range of cocktails, from old favourites to specialties unique to Kingston. Our tempting array of martinis range from classic to refreshing to fruity to sweet. Can't decide? Try a martini slider and sample three of our Retrotinis to discover your favourite!


If you cannot find an available table for the time you would like to reserve, please call us and we may be able to accommodate you!


We always reserve a few tables for walk-in guests


To make a reservation for parties of 10 or more guests, please email us at tangonuevo@outlook.com

Contact info

Tango Nuevo Wine & Tapas
OPEN: Sunday: 11:30am - 10:00pm
Monday - Saturday 11:30am - 12:00am
KITCHEN: Sunday - Wednesday 11:30am - 10:00pm
Thursday - Saturday 11:30am - 12:00am
331 King St. East
Kingston, Ontario
Phone: (613) 548-3778

Email : tangonuevo@outlook.com
Web : tangonuevo.ca

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"Really tasty tapas and different, too"  DINER FROM UK • September 1, 2016

Walked in off the street in the hope of getting a table, the restaurant was full and the friendly staff found us a place in the bar area, which was great. The food was amazing and with some different tapas that I had not tasted before. Atmosphere was very vibrant and a great night was had. I would recommend this place without any doubt. *TripAdvisor*


"Five Stars"  DINER REVIEW • August 1, 2016

Great food, unbelievable flavor, excellent service *Google*


"Everything Just Works"  DINER FROM OTTAWA • July 3, 2016

We were so happy to have chosen this retaurant for our one night in Kingston. The staff were all super friendly and helpful - you can tell this is a happy, team-oriented place. We had delicious cocktails and took the advice of a local couple we met at the bar to order the duck wings and fish tacos, which were both excellent. We also enjoyed the Turkish bruschetta, Pazi and the totally tender grilled octopus. Dessert was an amazing peanut butter tiramisu. We just loved this meal and will be back!! *TripAdvisor*


"Highly Recommend"  DINER FROM MISSISSAUGA • June 30, 2016

The food was amazing. From the charcuterie to the mussels, to the scallops, spring rolls, calamari, and guacamole, it was all top notch. Our server...was not only attentive and friendly, she was extremely knowledgable when it came to the menu and the concept of tapas. Highly recommend but be prepared to set aside a couple of hours to really enjoy the tapas experience. Tango Nuevo is another example of Kingston's outstanding food culture! *TripAdvisor*


"Nice Refreshing Culinary Addition to Downtown Kingston"  DINER FROM BIMINI • May 12, 2016

Nice to see a quality tapas restaurant in downtown Kingston. Diverse selection of tapas and also charcuterie available. Food was amazing, service excellent with staff being attentive but not oppressive. Really loved the decor and atmosphere, nice blend of old with new. *TripAdvisor*


"Tons of Flavors"  DINER FROM ATLANTA • April 12, 2016

A delicious little plateful of great food, atmosphere and service. What a lovely meal at this little local tapas restaurant. We enjoyed sharing a variety of plates topped with tons of flavors. Service was friendly and had great insight into the menu items. A definite must stop if visiting Kingston. *Yelp*


"Unique dining experience!"  DINER FROM KINGSTON • March 1, 2016

If you haven't tried a tapas-style meal before, this place will spoil you. Excellent selection of delicious and diverse shareable appetizers (I highly recommend the deep-fried avocado). They also have a great wine list and a selection of locally brewed beers. *TripAdvisor*


"Wow. Just wow."  DINER REVIEW • February 14, 2016

There's not much more that can be said. Everything is so spectacular that they defy definitions using our inadequate linguistic capabilities. Come here, order things, let your tastebuds get blown away, go home and dream about all the different things you'll try next time you're here. *Facebook*


"Informed, Polite... and Patient Service" DINER FROM KINGSTON • January 3, 2016

The wine and cocktail choices were excellent, and the food was artfully delicious. Although our party arrived not exactly on time, we were treated with respect and consideration. *TripAdvisor*


"Love Tango... Every Time!" DINER FROM KINGSTON • December 13, 2015

Love Tango. Live in Kingston and go there all the time. When have people visiting I always take them to Tango. Great atmosphere, food and service is fantastic. *TripAdvisor*


"Prohibition Style" DINER REVIEW • December 10, 2015

Amazing Prohibition style and modern cocktails with a fun atmosphere! Youthful post college crowd. A must visit when in Kingston. *Google*


"Late Evening Dinner for Two Ladies" DINER FROM ORANGEVILLE, ON • November 23, 2015

Absolutely accommodating when almost closing, we had about 3/4 of a hr to eat six small dishes and enjoy a bottle of wine. We didn't feel rushed, they brought the dishes one by one or two at a time, taking the time to explain what we were having. Food was extra special and each of the six plates was equally delicious, server a real, fun, entertaining lady who managed to get us through the dinner without feeling rushed at all. I think we left very satisfied and full after at least an hour! *TripAdvisor*


"Perfect for Grazing and Gabbing" DINER FROM SEELEY'S BAY, ON • October 28, 2015

This restaurant makes a MAJOR commitment to sourcing locally, and the dishes are outstanding as a result. We have tried most of their "small plates" and loved them. Even my 96 year old mother loves this place... the variety and the excellence. *TripAdvisor*


"Good food, Nice atmosphere" DINER FROM ARCADIA, CA • October 15, 2015

Service was excellent and their recommendations were spot on. The selection was great and I left knowing that I'd be back there again. One of the best restaurants in Kingston! *Yelp*


"Highly Recommended"  DINER FROM SARASOTA, FLORIDA • September 15, 2015

We were in town for four days and we went to this place three times; two lunches and a dinner. We tried different selections from the menu each time and we were always pleased. The menu is creative and diverse. The tapas are generous and two are easily enough for a meal. The servers are professional and friendly. *TripAdvisor*


"Superb In SO Many Ways!" DINER FROM SAVANNAH, GEORGIA • August 19, 2015

The food is amazing, the prices reasonable, the wait staff helpful and friendly and the owner is readily accessible. He treats every patron like an honoured guest and seems genuinely happy to be doing what he's doing. Not much to dislike about Tango Nuevo! *TripAdvisor*


"Oh my... this is good... really good" DINER FROM NEW YORK • July 23, 2015

Dish after dish of tapenade, cheese, kale salad, sausages, fish tacos, grilled shrimp and on and on. And every single one of them was flavourful, colourful and delectable. Plus, the ambiance is a treat: small and cosy, filled with interesting people, light Motown music playing in the background, a Charlie Chaplin silent film playing on a small wall over the stairs, dining inside or out, super-efficient, friendly and knowledgeable waiter. A good time and exceptional tapas. *TripAdvisor*


"Perfect for sharing with anyone!" DINER FROM KINGSTON • May 25, 2015

Tango Nuevo underwent a change of ownership a few years ago and the updates have been fantastic. Lots of local ingredients, fabulous wine list and convenient downtown location. Trendy and yum. Great for a drink and a snack on the patio or a long, drawn out wine and tapas tasting with friends or lovers. *TripAdvisor*


"Fantasic food and service!" DINER FROM OTTAWA • March 7, 2015

My husband and I were visiting in Kingston and decided to eat here for my birthday. It was a perfect and memorable evening: each tapas was flavourful and simply delicious while the service was attentive and efficient. I'm confident that anything on the menu would please the palate. The scallops with the fingerling potatoes were absolutely divine. The restaurant is extremely busy so reservations are recommended. We loved the atmosphere and decor here. As a finishing touch, our waitress brought us cheesecake for dessert on the house. We can't wait to return to Kingston and to Tango Nuevo! *TripAdvisor*


"Nuevo riche with old world class" DINER FROM KINGSTON • December 20, 2014

Fantastic flavours, textures and creativity in all the dishes. Loved that Chef Dan came out to tell us about some signature ingredients. Service was on point and the server knew the dishes well to describe each one. Atmosphere was very nuevo riche with some old world class. Next time will try the cheeses. Thank you! *Email Review*

"I have been back to Tango Nuevo again and again..." KINGSTONIST.COM • Mar 11, 2014

Last year it seemed our local food joints lining our downtown core were closing faster than they were coming in. - Read Full Review 

The Kingstonist - March 11, 2014 CLICK HERE

Find us on Trip Advisor! CLICK HERE!


Classic Cocktails         2oz. $9.50


Mad Men Old FashionedCanadian Club Rye - Nuevo Bitters - Sugar Cube - Maraschino Cherry - Orange 

Manhattan - Jim Beam Bourbon - Sweet Vermouth - Nuevo Bitters - Orange Rind - Maraschino Cherry 

Campfire ManhattanLapsang Souchong-infused Rye - Sweet Vermouth - Nuevo Bitters -  Maple Syrup - Cinnamon 

Negroni - Bombay Gin - Campari - Sweeth Vermouth - Orange Juice - Orange Rind - Maraschino Cherry

Pisco Sour - Pisco - Simple Syrup - Lime Juice - Egg White - Nuevo Bitters - Lime

Silver Fizz - Bombay Gin - Lemon Juice - Egg White - Sugar - Soda - Lemon

Caipirinha - Cachaca - Lime - Sugar - Crushed Ice




Modern Cocktails        2oz. $9.50

Nuevo Mojito - Bacardi Rum - Lime Juice - Fresh Mint - Soda

Las Palmeras - Coconut Rum - Melon Liqueur - Blue Curaçao - Orange Juice - 7up

Refresh - Bombay Gin - Melon Liqueur - Juiced Cucumber - Fresh Mint - Lemonade - Lime Juice

Joel's Gin & Tonic - Bombay Gin - Cilantro - Rose Water - Lemon & Lime Juice - Tonic

Dad's Brand New Root Beer - Vanilla Vodka - Amaretto - Root Beer - Maraschino Cherry

Grapefruit Margarita - Cazadores Tequila - Triple Sec - Simple Syrup - Grapefruit Juice - Lime Juice - Grapefruit

Sweet Basil Lemonade - Bombay Gin - Lemon Juice - Simple Syrup - Lemonade - Fresh Basil - Soda


Caesar (1 oz./$7.00) - Vodka - Clamato - Pepperoncini Brine - Worchestershire Sauce - Sauce Piquante



Red or White Wine Sangria

With Seasonal Fruits

Mason Jar (400 mL) $8.50

Pitcher (1 L) $20.00



Classic Martinis         2oz.


Beefeater - Tanqueray -Bombay    $9.50    

Citadelle - 66 Gilead Loyalist Gin (P.E.C.)     $10.50    

Tanqueray 10 - Hendricks - No.3     $12.00



Russian Prince - Stoli     $9.50    

Ketel One - 66 Gilead Pine Vodka (P.E.C.)     $10.50    

Grey Goose - Chopin - Belevedere     $12.00



Modern Martinis        2oz. $9.50

Dirty 007 - Tanqueray - Vodka - Olive Juice - Olive

Raspberry Basil Julep - Citrus Vodka - Raspberry Puree - Lemonade - Lime Juice - Fresh Basil

Sparkling Lemon Drop - Citrus Vodka - Triple Sec - Lemon Juice - Lemonade - Sparkling Wine - Sugar Rim

Nuevo Hurricane - Raspberry Vodka - Blue Curaçao - Orange Juice

Vanilla Lychee Martini - Vanilla Vodka - Lychee Liqueur - Lychee Fruit

The Muse - Coconut Rum - Pineapple Vodka - Pineapple Juice - Pomegranate Juice

Crispy Crunch - Frangelico - Godiva - Chocolate Milk - Chocolate Sauce

After Eight - Vodka - Crème de Cacao - Crème de Menthe - Chocolate Stick

Chai Tai Lemonade - Chai Tea-infused Vodka - Campari - Lemonade - Raspberry Puree 


Retrotini Sliders

Sample 3 of our delicious Martinis for $16.00




• • •

"Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious."

- Ruth Reichl "Diary of a Foodie"

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